Be a REAL MAN: A Beginner’s Guide

What makes a REAL MAN? Whatever your idea of manliness is, Eduardo is about to turn it upside down in this thought provoking podcast. Listen at your own risk!

A Child's Gift to Daddy

10 Must Have Qualities for Dads; According to kids.

For a child, “love” is spelled: T-I-M-E. According to family psychologist Dr. James Dobson (Focus on the Family), the average father spends less than a minute of face-to-face communication with his children per day!

The Search

3 Ways to Comprehend Your Identity According to God

Have you ever wondered Who You Are? Can you answer this question honestly? My name is Eduardo. If I legally change my name, am I no longer me? In today’s Podcast, I will answer this question Biblically and honestly.


3 Reasons Your Church Needs REAL MEN

We are living in a culture that doesn’t know the role of men.
Unless men, take up their responsibility in the family and the church, we will lose a generation of kids.

How to leave a Godly Legacy

How to Leave a Godly Legacy

We all have something in common, all of us will leave a legacy to our children. Will it be a godly legacy or a legacy of disaster? That’s up to you.

The Hug

Branded: A Father’s Legacy

I would be years discovering the likeness I shared with my father. He wasn’t there the day I parted the atmosphere of this world but, his DNA was. He showed up when I was five,

A masterful illustration by Veronica Meza on Marriage

I Found a Wife

When a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing! Indeed he does, for when a man finds…

A masterful illustration of Love by Veronica Meza

Love Birds

Oh! how great it is when one falls in love! The butterflies in the stomach, the walking in the clouds and the dreams of what the future with that person may hold!

Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Such a perfect little bundle of joy in that young mother’s arms! Look at the way she chose to dress the baby. In this mother’s eyes, there is no greater reward the the fruit of her womb.

Party Animal

Party Animal

Yes, we celebrated that day and partied like it was 1999!

How young a mom

How Young a Mom

How deep a Mother’s love is for her son. How intense the compassion a mother has on her son. Yet it pales in comparison to how God feels about each and every one of his children!

That 70's reality show

That 70’s Reality Show

If there had been reality shows back in the 70’s, this would have been a smashing hit! With mother’s day just ahead, this picture needs no explanation

Driving in Mexico City


I bet you didn’t know that the word “driving” was in the bible! As I looked back at the traffic on Reforma Avenue in Mexico City from the back of the double decker tour bus, I saw this and decided to take a snap of it!

A pelican flying overhead

The Pelican

I gave this pelican a small fish we had left over and in return he gave me this gorgeous shot as to say, thank you!

A crowd gathered


But the most haunting thing I wonder about when I look at this photograph is the baby that a loving father is holding in his arms.

The Fly

Like most people, I don’t like flies! They are disgusting! So, when my son opened the door to the back yard and held it open, I told him to close the door before flies started to come in. No sooner had I …