How young a mom

How Young a Mom

How deep a Mother’s love is for her son. How intense the compassion a mother has on her son. Yet it pales in comparison to how God feels about each and every one of his children!

Driving in Mexico City


I bet you didn’t know that the word “driving” was in the bible! As I looked back at the traffic on Reforma Avenue in Mexico City from the back of the double decker tour bus, I saw this and decided to take a snap of it!

A crowd gathered


But the most haunting thing I wonder about when I look at this photograph is the baby that a loving father is holding in his arms.

The Fly

Like most people, I don’t like flies! They are disgusting! So, when my son opened the door to the back yard and held it open, I told him to close the door before flies started to come in. No sooner had I …

Spit Shine

Spit Shine

when you teach something to your boys, try to find a spiritual truth behind that activity. God also instructs us men to teach Spiritual Truths to our children. Did you know that It’s the man’s job to teach these things to the kids?

The Living Shell

The Living Shell

My son found it when we took our much needed yearly vacation there and then he tenderly gave it a name! A few minutes later, he tenderly said goodbye to his new friend. God is amazing, isn’t he?

Worshiping God with the Saxophone

The Saxophone

I was invited to a Men’s Night Out at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio TX and the praise and worship as led by this man who suddenly pulled out his sax and played some of the best worship music ever!