The #1 Reason you have a Family

What does it mean to be a father? What does God want a father to do with his family? Nothing is accidental, so why does your family even exist? In this episode of the Manly Training Podcast, Eduardo dives deep into the reason why men even have a family. Don’t miss this one or you may regret it!

Why Dads Must Cherish the Moments!

What’s really important? Is it seeking that promotion or being with your child when they need you the most? There are few important moments in your child’s life so cherish them! Eduardo discusses one of the most common asked parenting questions in this episode of the Manly Training Podcast.

The #1 Reason Not to Freak Out!

Hey dad! Why are you freaking out? So the kids are getting on your nerves. What’s new? They are ruining the grass in the back yard! Let me share something with you. You are raising boys and girls, not grass. So don’t freak out! Eduardo shares some important insights about parenting that will transform your parenting style.

The #1 Reason Dads Must Laugh!

Why are you so serious today? Lighten up and laugh! If you are a father and you are always serious, you are missing out on an important aspect of your parenting. You may even die younger if you chose not to laugh! Eduardo discusses the benefits and the consequences of being a father that can laugh at stuff!

The Truth About UNITY!

Today’s culture will tell you that you are better off by yourself. We admire Hollywood stereotypes like the “Lone Ranger” and “Indiana Jones” because they do things their way. But the truth is, you cannot survive without UNITY. Besides, UNITY is God’s design and it must start with the men!

Why do Men Hate Church in America?

Women outnumber men in churches in America. Why? How did a religion founded a man and his 12 male disciples become the religion of women and children? Will there ever be a revival in America again? Eduardo takes on these questions in this thought-provoking message!

2 Steps to Godliness

Godliness and manliness seem to contradict in today’s culture. But the truth is, nothing is manlier than a godly man! Is it easy? Not at all! But it is more necessary now than ever.